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While driving on a rainy day, have you ever felt like running on thin ice? Most of us would have felt this.That’s where the traction comes into play. In mechanical terms, its primary role is to power between the axles, to get maximum traction on wet, snowy, or icy roads.

This’ll help in automatic or manual controls modify the torque output to the axle for varying conditions. When a transfer case fails you suffer with things like vibrations, oil leakages, abnormal noises, and inability to shift between four-wheeler drive modes shifting unexpectedly between modes.

To overcome this, you need a Transfer Case but don’t want to overspend. Infact, no one would. Hence, Premium Auto Parts gets you the used transfer and used auto parts at your doorstep.

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Types Of Transfer Case Cases Include:

Married Transfer Case


In this type of transmission( 4 Wheel-Drive), the motor vehicle gives the power source with first and second set of wheels.

Divorced Transfer Case


The four-wheel-drive is a drivetrain transmission system used in cars that drive front and rear wheels.

Independent Transfer Case


In this type of transmission case (4-AWD) is a potential aspect to increase fuel economy as it works on demand.

Independent Transfer Case


AWD is one powertrain that powers all vehicles whether full-time or on-demand.

Transfer Case

How Premium Auto Parts Empowers Cars?

If you want a reasonably used transfer case with a superior warranty? At Premium Auto Parts, we provide an extensive range of quality transfer cases. If we have limited products then rebuilding a used transfer case for sale near me will meet essential manufacturer specifications.

Pro Tip : A used transfer case is the best investment which guarantees performance for saving thousands of dollars. Also, it provides regular maintenance with proper operation. Moreover, look for cost-efficient used transfer for sale inventories.

Lubrication matters a lot in automobiles while keeping the components within the transfer case working properly. However, deterioration still can arise, then used transfer case is the right remedy. Good thing about used transfer as it compensates damage at reasonable prices. So are you street smart to deal with this situation?

Buying a used transfer case can be overwhelming. Hence, Premium Auto Parts act as a bridge to provide competitive prices, communication with junkyards about the fitment. To add to your convenience, explore buying experience from local junkyards hassle-free.

Signs you need to replace transfer case

Your vehicle will show alarming signs when the transfer case gets damaged. Check for these alarming signs.

  • Frequent issues with shifting gears
  • Random disengagement from the four-wheel drive
  • Engine lights popping up
  • Fluid leakage under your car in area near transfer case

When you figure out your transfer case needs to be replaced, opt OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) used transfer case.The growing Junkyards and Salvage yards across the US states facilitate several used transfer cases for wonderful replacement at pocket-friendly prices.

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All such products give you assured warranty protection so that customers will have a pleasant time when the shop purchases.

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Our experts check all the internal & external damage and add parts that give perfect shape to inventory.

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