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Used Engines for Sale : Everything You want As a Buyer

Used engines are a fascinating term in the automobile industry. Engines are prone to wear and tear which affects its functioning. Purchasing used engines can be both a necessity or desire, yet not compromising efficiency. Moreover, reinvestment in new engines gives jitters. The mounting prices of engines led buyers to search for quality used engines in your area.Understandably, there will be second-hand buyers for engines. So what is the best way to acquire the best deals for used engines?

Don’t wonder, if you see several used auto parts suppliers around you. However, don’t believe in false claims. Move ahead to us and take advantage of the service of Premium Auto Parts. The distinct thing about Premium Auto Parts is that it gives you good connections with junkyards and salvage yards across the USA. Hence, no question about unforeseen & endless delays.

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Used Engines for Sale

Advantages of Used Engines :



Buying used engines, used transmissions and other used car parts are the perfect way to compensate for your troubling engine. As you don’t have to pay extra dollars for a new engine.


The used engines give you much-needed trust in its performance. A great asset that outlasts the service life of your car.
Environment- friendly

Environment- friendly

We are one of the pioneers of online used auto parts locators offering bespoke products with the most affordable prices in the industry.

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Buying Online Used Engines

To make your navigation easier to find long-lasting and best-performance engines, our simple search tool is the best in the market. All you need to do is to fill in the required details about your car (make & model with year etc.) and submit. We are one click away when looking for the best dealers at the most competitive prices.

Buying Online Used Engines

After receiving your orders, we first analyze whether the deal is worth the penny. And check the best available offers, warranties, quality engines, transmissions, and other parts near you.We have a search portal for all your needs that provides the best parts available. Also, on most deals, you get free shipping. Further, we endeavor to save $100- $200 on each part you require.

No matter what vehicle you have, be it Chevy, BMW, Honda,Porsche you name it and leave it to us, we’ll find top-notch used car parts for them all.

To make an order, first, find your desired auto part. To do this, use our custom-designed locator browsing through all the junkyards across the country. The locator will find the best options available for you at affordable prices. Choose the one that fits your car best and place an order. After you submit contact details, the suppliers will connect with you in 24 hours as per your convenient time.

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Besides, you can always find your desired auto part, and use our custom-designed locator to browse through all the junkyards across the country.Just submit the important car details, such as make & model, and press the search button.

As per your entries in the portal, you’ll get the most lucrative & affordable quality engine car offers at affordable prices. So don’t hesitate to choose the best fit meeting your requirements and place the order. Once done with the contact details, rest assured to receive a call from suppliers in 24 *7 hours.

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Why Opt for Premium Auto Parts Used Engines?

Premium Auto Parts Store understands your urge to purchase quality used engines. All is well if your engine suits well in your motor vehicle. Our unit always aims to provide you A + grade engines at comparatively lower prices. Hence, there is no scope for compromises.You can’t take a health check of your engine for granted, as it resembles the heart of the vehicle. Brand-new engines have a longer life, but they are expensive too. So car owners looking for quality used engines should grab this offer whole-heartedly.

We avail this online locator for you as it provides you with the best offers. At our place, you will find a wide range of top-quality engines that fit any budget. So don’t hesitate to buy used auto parts like used engines, used car airbags, used transmission for your vehicle.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping to every state in the USA.There is no provision for charging extra, as you pay only for the engine, which makes us a leading provider for used engines for sale. So always be on the hunt for low-mileage engines and leverage out the shipping at your doorstep free.

Warranty from the Dealers

After purchasing the deal from us, you get 30-180 directly from junkyard dealers. Here, you aim to get top-rated quality engines without even paying an extra penny.


If you think you ordered in haste and want to take the order back. Somehow, if you are not satisfied with the used auto part then you can return to us. For any queries, always connect with the available representatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, All our OEM used engines could be a good fit for your car, provided the drivetrain component is periodically maintained.That being said, you should be aware of Pros and Cons before buying any used engines bench-tested and inspected with clear history.You should find the best available engines from a Premium Auto Parts--- our experts give expert opinions to buyers so that they find the right engine for their vehicle.

Car engine varies in terms of longevity & performance and depends on factors like covered miles between 40,000 miles and exceeding 300,000 miles. The duration of the engine lasts solely about the mileage and- how it accumulates that ? Moreover, drivability, conditions & history check matters in terms of continuing the old engine longer. You should do thorough research before zeroing in on a provider. Know the requirements and then choose the best one as per your budget and miles covered.

Replacement of the engine is good practice if you don’t want to spend more. However, if you are considering a replacement engine, check essential factors like driving experience, brand choice, maintenance, money and more. Also, regular maintenance is critical when it comes to the long-lasting performance of the vehicle. Besides, the warranty covers the repair and labor costs, further extending the replacement engine's life for any make and model number.

Buying a used engine is easy. Go to our website Premium Auto Parts to explore the best match for your vehicle and decide about factors like miles run, money, etc. All you need to do is to explore the online locator tool and look for the best junkyards from the inventory. Fill out the online form and mention the make and model number, and our sales team will connect to answer queries. Our shipping team will ship the parts at your preferred location.

Yes, all OEM used engines cover a warranty so you don't have to worry about mechanical defects after installation.Our dedicated team are available to entertain queries and get it repaired from experts.

No, of course not. Replacing the car engine won't reset mileage. Its odometer is connected to the front wheel hub rather than the engine, and makes changes as far as replacement is concerned- it won't affect it. However, customizing the mileage by tampering with the odometer is often reported. So you should beware of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Buying a car engine has some checklists. Get it checked from the experts if it is not making any grinding or banging sound and choose to take a test drive. Also, take a note if there is no burning smell or oil smoke coming from the exhaust. If it ticks all the boxes, admit that the engine is in fine-tuned condition.

Both rebuilt and used engines have some pros and cons and rest depends on the choice and suitability. So when as a buyer you look for a replacement engine. Rebuilt engines are always more reliable than used engines. But they are often time-consuming, expensive and available with limited warranties. However, if you are looking for a cost-efficient option, always prefer used engines.

Rebuilt Engine- These are the engines built again by the manufacturer to cover up some defects. So, they are bound to improve gas mileage, increase power and speed, emit fewer pollutants, but it costs more as it is treated like a new one.

Used Engine- Engines that ran a few miles in the car and are salvaged from a junkyard car as a replacement engine. These engines are checked by experts. That's where used engines are preferred by car enthusiasts looking for a replacement engine.

At Premium Auto Parts Store-- we give you the quality-checked best used engines available in your area.