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At Premium Auto Parts, we’ve got thousands of differentials in STOCK to get your car or truck back on track. It allows the transfer of power from transmission to wheels. Talking about its placement,it houses differentials, axle shafts, bearings, seals, and mounts needed for power transfer work.

All our used differentials for sale are original equipment manufacturer(OEM) parts, and carefully inspected by automotive experts.Worn-out differentials often cause issues. So, replacing a rear-end could be tricky. Buying a replacement unit, a rebuilt unit, or a quality-used differential near me is easier than before.

Here, you'll get used differentials (axle fit) of premium range with FREE warranty.

Saving a penny is worth earning it! In all situations, find a differential when replacing a worn rear end.

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Automatic Transmissions

Open Differential

You’ll get this on most modern cars on the road.
Manual Transmissions

Limited-Slip Differential

Many vehicles come with a limited-slip differential (LSD).
CVT Transmissions

Locking Differential

One of the best choices among consumers for SUV with differentials.
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4*4 Used Differentials

All-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles typically comprise three differentials: front, rear, and center. It is designed to distribute turning force between the axles.

  • Four-wheel drive (4WD) systems have only two differentials and a transfer case.
  • Two-wheel drive vehicles consist of one axle, and 4WD vehicles have two.

No matter your vehicle type, our dedicated professionals at Premium Auto Parts find the best fit.

If you're looking for a used 4*4 differential, and on the BRINK to fit your needs. Moreover, the large inventory of OEM-used differentials for sale.

All-wheel drive(AWD) comprises front, rear, and center. It helps design and distribute turning force between the axles using the used differential. When talking about Four-wheel drive(4 WD) it has two differential and a transfer case. While the two-wheel drive vehicle comprises one axle, and 4 WD vehicles have two.

Irrespective of your needs, all our professionals at Premium Auto Parts to fulfill used differential and other auto part needs.

How Does a Differential Work?

Differentials ensure your car gets around smoothly. While turning, the car's outside wheel should travel faster than the inside wheel. The outer wheel spins more quickly than the inside wheel.

When the drivetrain locks, differential in tire rotation creates a problem with traditional fixed gears. All differential gives specially oriented rings bevel gears— propels the wheel to move by the engine and independent rotation.

Common Differential Problems:

All differentials wear and break over time while moving any car. Here are the key problems that run into a differential.

  • Worn carrier bearings often result in rumbling or whirring noise when traveling over 20mph. Also hear a noise that takes a corner with worn carrier bearings.
  • Worn-out U-joints are the root cause of shaking or vibrating excessively. Hence it gets noticed at higher speeds.
  • Broken Cornering Gears produce sounds like clicking, banging, or clunking sounds from the differential when the car goes around the corner.

At no time did it lead to severe issues down the road. A faulty differential makes your driving difficult, especially around corners. A significant issue caused the wheels to lock up, bringing them to an unexpected halt. So fixing issues with a differential while spotting becomes a significant issue.

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