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At Premium Auto Parts, we cover an extensive range of bumper replacements for all car’s make and model. All that buyer wants is to find the best search for all types of bumpers, used front bumpers, front bumper, and front bumpers.

You'll get a wide range of nationwide inventories available for junkyard recyclers to carry loads of new & used front bumpers. To FIND the best match, locate the best year, make all the vehicles for the drop-down menu above, and click Next Step.

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These instances will help you repair the repairment of the bumper

Steering Wheel Airbags

Dings and Dents

Although, the plastic used in bumpers is a lot stronger and thicker. So it is susceptible to dents. All the sizable bumper dents are fixed when the underlying structure is damaged.

Front Passenger Airbags

Scratches and Scuffs

Scrapes in paints lead to various cosmetic issues. So don't bump into anything-- it can happen anytime, and you'll notice it weeks later. A scratch appears more than a visual issue. All automotive paints are firmly formulated.

Knee Airbags

Cracked Bumpers

A small crack forms a bumper, which is not sufficient. The plastic bumper crack can be repaired anytime near you.

FIXING cracks in cars is pivotal. A small crack compromises the bumpers' structural integrity, leading to unsafe driving and expensive solutions.

Used Car Airbag Safety

Things to Consider When Choosing Car Bumpers :

OEM or Aftermarket

Don’t go to aftermarket bumpers in place of saving money, as there are disadvantages to choosing OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) ones. Another downside is that aftermarket bumpers need to fit better.

Price/ Value

Purchasing Bumpers costs money. So, buy the high-quality available ones without installation or labor fees. Before choosing a replacement bumper, check your budget without compromising quality. You can’t save money and neglect the price. These factors affect the prices of bumpers. A few factors that affect the price of bumpers include the materials used, if it’s OEM or aftermarket, and the bumper type.

Looking for a second-hand car bumper? Find all the “used bumpers near me”.

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TIPS for buying a used Bumper :

  • Make sure you know the exact auto part you need. Knowing your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) and any additional information ensures you purchase the right part and avoid buying a duplicate bumper
  • Research in detail about the bumper part you are buying
  • All the used bumpers are sold as used, repaired, or remanufactured, as this affect the lifespan
  • Always check the return policy

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